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Since several years, our consulting company specialised in development, management and technology dedicated to the search of an original economic system able to be beneficial to the State and its citizens.

Our research has enabled us to develop a system which implementation will revolutionize current economic systems. It brings added value and furthermore , it is not influnced by the crisis. On the contrary, it provides the State and its inabitants to overcome it by avoiding massive pauperization due to rigor plans and measures.

We develop below the key points of the concept along with meaningful figures that highlight the benefits of such concept. At this stage, we will not provide all the details relative to our technical expertise and knowledge.

One should bear in mind that the State remains in charge of the deployment once the concept is launched thanks to a back office device the enables to manage variables criteria.

Very undertaken wishing to take part in the development can contact us to know the methods of its participation and financial advantages which it will withdraw from its commitment in our concept. Contact : please click here