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Informations on the Concept


We developed the Solidarity Growth concept after numerous tests and calculations of feasibility, exploring the diverse possible tracks to make it a reliable and viable economic system over time.

We have designed it to bring immediate benefits to all parties while adding a capacity for openness and strong development potential for the future.

It joins perfectly into a CSR approach to meet the various standards currently published.

Innovative and profitable, our concept adapts and integrates with any country, adaptation to domestic legislation is foreseen.

We have developed projecting documents foreseeing the operating estimates. We have also drafted the contractual documents with stakeholders : suppliers, customers, members and IT wishing to take part in this growth and to profit from it for their own account.

Manufacturers and/or suppliers by type of activity must have the capacity to manufacture (or gradually acquire production equipments) the quantities of products necessary for the activity of the concept in the following countries:

-   France

-  Great Britain

-  Germany

-  Italia

-  Spain

The manufacturers/suppliers productions must be produced and served in the territory where the concept is to be implemented. It is not prohibited for a manufacturer to have productions in several countries in order to serve the needs of the country concerned by the exploitation.

For putting the concept into production, we have established the list of products and determined by type of activity the minimum number’s and maximum of suppliers and manufacturers that will have to ensure the products delivery. This represents a consistent volume of sales (turnover) for several consecutive years for stakeholders (manufacturers and suppliers).

An operating company is created to insure the setting-up on each national territory. The financing of investments for a national presence of the Solidarity Growth concept is carried out by a loan subscribed by the operating company to the stakeholders (manufacturers and suppliers).

Products to be supplied by the manufacturers are:

-  food, it is split into 3 categories,

-  house cleaning products are distributed into 2 categories,

-  beauty care, divided into 3 categories.

 The aimed services by service suppliers divide:

-  supply analyzes and audit

-  creation to business support

Stakeholders delivering products and services are in line with the philosophy of the Solidarity Growth concept, which respects the legitimate margins of suppliers (no refund). The charter fixes in all the transparency the interventions of the diverse stakeholders.

Each product manufacturer or supplier who desire, in its manufacturing country, to participate in the implementation of the exploitation of the Solidarity Growth project can contact us by the formulary Contact.