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Economy and united growth


Idea - Concept - Realization

We evoke here the essential points of our project which we qualified, for the moment, of the Interdependent of Growth (a reflection on the denomination is still under investigation). The classical economics cause recurring economic crises because of the failure of growth rate, this one is registered as an inflationary lure which involves in its fall most fragile and the middle class.
We consider that it is necessary to take into account the consumer by integrating it in this circuit of the consumption to which, whom it is or not weakened economically, he is recipient.
The image below visually exposes the generating principle of our concept and what each consumer by his participation generates for him and for the others.

Interdependent growth is centered on a circular growth whose benefit and advantages are redistributed into immediate on the whole of the users Members.
The economy released by Interdependent Growth becomes an advantageous reality thanks to a redistribution profiting with each Member and the Members more stripped by priority. The concept is generating employment in the country. Any Member perceives obligatorily a payment which can vary each month with however a minimum of 20% of the amount of its purchases.

Our concept is founded on three general principles:
+une production located on the national territory,
+une economy for the benefit of its members,
+une redistribution each month of the generated profits (method of the reporting), the redistributed minimum is fixed at minimum 20% of the amount of the orders (e.g. on an order of 100€ a redistribution minimum of 20€ Net of tax is transferred with the member).

The concept offers several advantages which are implemented automatically:
+ job creation not délocalisables,
+ a relaunching of the clean industrial activities,
+ a help with the financing of the carriers of project,
+ a social action on human scale locally,
+ not possibility of seizure of financial institution.

The goals pursued by the project are primarily:
+ to help and support the individual economy (redistribution) and collective (reduction of the national debt),
+ to take part in the local economy:
. by job creations and activities in direct link with the project
. support by a bottom intended for the financing of carriers of creative projects of employment
. to develop indirect activities at the local level.
+ the respect of the environment by a charter of the production and manufacturing of the products.

Operation of the project
Interdependent growth is a project with humanistic vocation. He addresses himself to all the social classes. He sticks to the improvement of the material life of the people weakened by his financial aspect. He is founded on the redistribution with the profit of his members without distinction on the same basis of consumed volume.
By redistribution of the profits, it is necessary to hear the product of all the receipts carried out through the exploitation of the concept, those do not result only from the orders of the Members.
We all are of the consumers, directly or indirectly. It is thus possible for us to take part in the development of the concept and to withdraw some for oneself from the profits without being prejudicial to those of the others.
Interdependent growth is invested by its economic approach with sustainable development while integrating in the culture and the manufacturing of the products the respect of the environment.
The Interdependent operation of Growth is ensured by a set of rules exerted under the control of its Members so that it is not diverted of its goal which is to recompose the economic landscape without forgetting the least favoured more touched by the economic crises and the fate of the life.
The concept functions without the competition of the State, the concept remains in its globality under the control of its Members.
It gives the opportunity of changing the pyramidal economy preached by liberalism to position in a permanent circular economy absorbing without difficulty the evolutions.
Additional positive aspects of the Interdependent concept Growth: it does not cost anything the State nor with the communities.
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